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New Product Range | Pet Memorials

We are proud to announce that we now offer Tree of Life planting kits suitable for use with the cremated remains of a loved pet.

The Pet range is available in 2 different sizes; Small (up to 9kg) and Medium (up to 18kg). The planting kits work in the same way as those for humans, planting a portion of the cremated ash with the specialist soil mixture. As with our other kit ranges, you’re free to select the most suitable flowering plant, bush, shrub or tree that best reflects how you would like your pet to be remembered.

Can my pet be cremated?

The most commonly cremated pets are dogs, cats and horses. (Please note that currently our planting kits do not allow for the weight of a horse, so aren’t suitable for this use.) However it is becoming more common to have other pet species cremated, such as rabbits, hamsters, birds and reptiles.

Pet cremation can be arranged through your registered vet or with your local pet crematorium. If you are planning to use a Tree of Life planting kit for your pets ashes, it’s best to inform the crematorium staff as they will place the ashes into a container which can be opened, one that's usually suitable for the scattering of ashes.

Which animals can be used with a Tree of Life planting kit?

We have created the pet planting kits so that they can be used with any animal, as long as the animals weight does not exceed the weight limit on the product.

For example, a 5.5kg rabbit's cremated ashes can be planted using a Small Pet kit, as the weight limit for the Small kit is up to 9kg.

Dealing with the loss of a pet – A note from Sarah

The loss of a pet can feel gut wrenching, as we suddenly realise our best friend isn't going to be with us anymore. That feeling is fresh in my mind as sadly we lost our irreplaceable dog Elton recently. That devastating moment will stay with me for ever.
We can never fully prepare for the death of a loved one, be it a human or an animal - it inevitably hits us and it's important to understand that grief is a process.
An idea to help navigate this grief process is to try and channel our emotions through some form of creative activity or engaging with nature and the outdoors, no matter who you are or what your interests may be. It's through this channelling of emotion that we can start to see the horizon more clearly though the mist and start planning for the future with a complete heart once more.

You can view our full product range here, including those suitable for pets. If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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