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Partnership with Good Grief Gift Co.

Tree of Life is very pleased to announce a new partnership with the Good Grief Gift Co. Our product range is now available on the Good Grief Gift Co marketplace as well as on our own store. I selected Good Grief Gift Co as the perfect partner for Tree of Life after hearing its founder, Alex Delaney talking about her story. Her experiences with grief were so raw and real, I was inspired by how she has managed to use her pain to create something that can help everyone.

What is the Good Grief Gift Co?

Good Grief Gift Co is an online marketplace that offers gifts for bereaved people, their friends and family. It can be very hard to help a grieving person in a way that works for them. It can be difficult to find a gift for someone who's grieving, as it's such a sensitive and emotional time. That's where Good Grief Gift Co comes in, it will become a marketplace and pull together products from lockets and art using ashes, to writing journals, books, art classes; as well as more practical support such as yoga teachers specialising in grief support, food subscription packages and mindfulness gifts. So you can find the perfect gift to help support a loved one who is grieving.

We're all so individual and each bereavement is different. It's early days, but I want to offer a wide range of ideas so that lots of people can come to the website and find things that connect with them and the people they are supporting through grief.

- Alex Delaney, Founder. Good Grief Gift Co

Why should I choose Good Grief Gift Co?

Good Grief Gift Co will support the friends and family of grievers to reach across this difficult moment and connect meaningfully. I know that sometimes no words can comfort, no gift can fill a grieving heart with joy... however, knowing they are loved and not alone can make a world of difference to the pain they're feeling. I hope that by better empowering the caregivers, grievers will have an easier time as they process one of the most challenging experiences in this thing we call life.

Alex's story

"I set up the Good Grief Gift Co after I was widowed just over three years ago because I realised how much friends wanted to help, but struggled to know what to do or how to do it.

It was the small tokens and gestures that meant so much to me and supported me to process my grief and start to heal. No gift could take the sorrow away, but when a friend sent me a postcard with a funny message six months after my husband died, or when another friend spotted a book I might really enjoy, I felt that I was less alone in my grief. People know what to do around a wedding, a birthday or a birth - but when it comes to a death, we really struggle to navigate what to do.

I've heard some horror stories about how grievers have been treated. And it's not malicious, it's just a very confusing time for many people."

Where can I find out more?

You can visit the Good Grief Gift Co at

Twitter: @GriefCo Instagram: goodgriefgift_co

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