The Small Tree of Life Memorial Planting Set is a wonderful option to commemorate a loved one in a smaller outdoor plot or in a large container. This makes it perfect for small plants or indoor house plants. 

Even with a smaller space, you can create a beautiful, long-lasting tribute to a loved one. We recommend that the Small Tree of Life Memorial Planting Set be used with:

  • Flowering plants
  • Potted planting
  • Ground planting


With this set, you’ll have a beautiful, ever-changing way to remember and cherish someone who is no longer with us.


  • Ideal to commemorate a loved one even if space is short. This is also a good choice for those who may want to move their memorial in future.
  • The enriching soil mixture is carefully balanced to allow the remains of your loved one to be added and ensure a rich, fertile environment for your chosen plant.
  • Your set includes a precisely-sized measuring scoop, so you can be sure you’re creating the best balance in the soil.
  • The Small Tree of Life Memorial Planting kit allows you to use part of the ashes of your loved one, meaning you can use the rest in another area or way, if that is how you’d like to commemorate the deceased.
  • The Care Card will guide you through the process, step-by-step, so you can rest assured that you’re doing everything possible to create a memorial that will flourish.
  • All the components – including the measuring scoop, bag and packaging – are recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. We’re dedicated to ensuring that everything in our Memorial Planting Sets is sustainably sourced.


Please note, we let you choose the perfect memorial plant to commemorate your loved one. You can select any plant you want, but please do ensure that it's suitable for the conditions at the planting site. For more information you can read the Planting Tips page, visit our FAQ's or contact us


For a Person | Small Memorial Planting Kit

  • Your Planting Set comes with everything you need to give your memorial the best opportunity to flourish.

    This includes a small organic bag, filled with the appropriate quantity of our unique, enriching compost mixture, which will combine with the remains of a loved one to give a healthy, nutritious growing environment for your chosen plant.

    The measuring scoop will help you add the precise amount of remains suitable for the size of plant and quantity of soil, so you’ll know you have the right balance.

    This set will not require the entirety of the ashes, so the remaining can be used elsewhere or to grow another plant, if that will help you to commemorate them in the best way.